Where & when does it take place?

RYLA is held annually at the same location and at about the same time of year.

Willow Park Convention Centre at Eastern Beach, Auckland

between Saturday June 29th and Saturday July 6th 2019.

For more than 20 years RYLA has awarded over 25,000 graduates around the world with many describing it as “The week that changed my life.” Locally, over 100 people graduate from this course each year, here’s a sample of what they have to say.

“Fantastic experience, I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to grow both as a person and as a leader.”

“Awesome, I have to say it was the best week of my life.”

“I loved every minute of this programme, I loved the people, the variety, the speakers, everything!”

“Fantastic, I wish the week would never end.”

“Challenging but hugely rewarding.”